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Waverley Mansion West Point Ms,

Aberdeen Ms 08/06/2006
Waverley Mansion West Point Ms,
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 Waverly Mansion Is A Greek Revival home is a National Historic Landmark, a National Restoration Award winner and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Completed in 1852, its octagonal cupola and self-supporting curved stairways make Waverley unique among antebellum homes making it one of the most photographed homes of the South



Blue orb ...


Two white orbs


This is the coolest orb i have ever got when i pulled it up on my computer it had lines in it like a Rainbow ......look in the window


 at first i didnt see anything but if you look good you will see a red orb moving fast

Ghostly juju at Waverley Plantation
Scene goes ghost hunting at West Point mansion


WEST POINT – Howls, objects moving by themselves, unexplained noises.
It's not a horror movie if it's real.

I got that and more when I followed North Mississippi After Life, a Tupelo-based paranormal investigation team, to Waverley Plantation Mansion to watch the group conduct a paranormal investigation.

Waverley just has a feeling about it. The feeling that someone else – not necessarily good, but not necessarily bad – is there, too. It doesn't help that the house is in the woods, so howls and goosebump-inducing noises surround it.

Melyssa Rodriguez and Todd Childs – who give tours of Waverley and take care of the house – asked me if I heard some of those howls. They said they'd never heard them before. 

When the NMAL team arrived just after sundown, Rodriguez and Childs gave a history of the house. Usually they don't relate any ghostly stories to paranormal groups before the team investigates, but this time they did. Two children died in the house in the late 1800s, Rodriguez said. The girls were sisters; one died of diphtheria, while the other broke her neck when her head got stuck in the balcony's spindles. Both girls have been seen or heard by staffers and tourists, she said.

Tina Jones, founder of NMAL and chief investigator, broke her team – made up of active members Lisa Kyle, Stephanie Murrell, Amber Godwin, Toni Kay Nicholson and Samantha Brown – into pairs and gave them ground rules. The most important: If you get scared, tell your partner and leave the area that's scaring you. Then, Childs and Rodriguez extinguished every light – except one – in the four-story mansion.

Creepy feelings

The team scoured the house, taking temperature and electromagnetic radiation, or EMF, readings. The EMF detectors measure magnetic radiation in a room and usually spikes when an energy is present. They also recorded everything with voice recorders and constantly took photos. 

But each team member experienced technical glitches – some of their cameras turned on and off by themselves or ran low on batteries, even though the batteries had been fully charged before the investigation. Jones said spiritual energies often drain batteries or cause equipment to malfunction. 

Something made her near-new EMF meter useless – it worked only once, and that was to detect an electric blanket. Jones unplugged the blanket and plugged it back up to make sure it was the blanket, and not a spirit. It was. The blanket, that is. 

A later experience, however, couldn't be explained. Some parts of the downstairs bedrooms are roped off because of tourists, and Jones and I were standing near a rope. 

"Something's hitting my leg," Jones said. The rope was swinging back and forth. "I didn't hit it," she said – besides, she was too far away to have hit it. Instead of slowing down, the rope sped up, and then came to a dead halt.

Juju and activity

The investigation concluded about two hours later. Jones said she will spend about a week or two going over every piece of evidence collected twice, just to make sure she won't miss anything.

She said a member of the team caught a face in a mirror at Waverley, but she hasn't worked on the rest of the evidence yet. 

But based on that night's events, "I can say Waverley is active. I can't say it's haunted," she said.

Call it what you will, but there is a vibe at Waverley.

"This place definitely has some kind of juju going on. This place just has a feeling about it," Childs said.

• The Waverley Plantation Mansion was built between 1856 and 1857. The house was abandoned in 1913, and sat vacant until the Snow family purchased it in 1962. During those 50 years, fraternities at Mississippi State University sent pledges to stay the night in the house, which they called "the spook house." Waverley is located about 10 miles east of West Point off Highway 50. For more information, call 494-1399.
• The Waverley Plantation Mansion will be featured on HGTV's "If Walls Could Talk" this Sunday at 10 p.m. and again on Nov. 3 at 5 p.m.
• Standard paranormal investigation tools:
- Digital camera: Catches photos of orbs or mists, which could be spiritual energy.
- Voice recorder: Captures electronic voice phenomena – ghostly voices. 
- Electro-magnetic radiation detector: Measures the magnetic radiation in a room, and usually spikes when a spirit or energy is present.
-Thermometer: Measures temperatures; spiritual energy may increase or decrease the temperature of a room.
• A few ground rules for ghost hunting, according to Tina Jones, founder of North Mississippi After Life: 
– ALWAYS: go with a friend, carry a cell phone and extra batteries, charge batteries before going out and ask for permission before investigating anywhere (including cemeteries).
- NEVER: Whisper (it can be misinterpreted on a recorder), smoke or drink during an investigation.
• To join North Mississippi After Life, or to have the group investigate your house, contact Tina  at 255-5868.


This photo is my best ever ..If you look good you will see a babys face
(((Maybe This is the littie Burt Girl haunting waverley)))


Theres a figure in the mirror of someone in red ? Im sorry to say i cant tell if its a man or women


Nice Fat White Orb On The Move

Here Is The Story On Waverly

Robert and Donna Snow of Philidelphia stumbled on the abandoned and crumbling Plantation house of Waverly. They fell in love with the house and bought it.  They moved their family into the huge house and started the long and arduous task of restoring it.

One day during restoration Donna Snow heard the voice of a little girl say, "Mama".  There was no one there...only the sound of the ghostly little girl.  The next day she heard it again.  Day after day this spectral, disembodied voice would beckon to her...and plead with her...."Mama?".

 she discovered in one of Waverly's bedrooms a startling thing.  One of the huge canopy beds had an imprint on it's coverlet of a small body...that of a three year old child.  Each afternoon this impression would be on the canopied bed.  It would vanish late in the day.

She would always wonder about the little girl.  Many years later the indentions on the bed began to appear again. The little voice has not been heard ..but instead has appeared and has been only seen by Donna just the one time   The ghost is that of a toddler girl with blonde hair.  She has on a high-necked nightgown.  She stood  there for a moment then vanished into a thin mist.

Tourists and the family often see the indentions in the bed ...




As of 1997 , the Snow family has solved the "Big mystery" of the little ghost girl . She was about six years old and she was one of the daughters of the Burt family ,friends of the Young family . The Young family were the orignal owners of the Waverly Mansion .Both daughters did die in the mansion. The oldest daughter was about nine and died of Diptheria .The youngest daughter hung herself by accident on the hand rail on the 3rd floor stairway . Mrs. Snow thought that was the little girl who would yell for her mother and made impressions on the bed of the "Ghost room" .And still today Mrs Snow is the only one Has seen the little girl Mrs Snow passed away 1991 And for Mr Snow He is still living in the waverly home


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