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North Mississippi After Life,

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 we accommodate the home owner by remaining as unobtrusive as possible. For all your neighbors will know, you just had some friends stop in.

We at N.M.A.L. do not condone the desecration of cemeteries, tombstones or burial sites, etc. Its very disrespectful to the families of the loved ones who have passed on, as well as to the person who lies there in the grave. Some of the places we have investigated are historical and its a shame, the damage done to these beautiful places. Any time we see this awful act, we try to fix things back if possible. This destruction not only is disrespectful but its ugly, and it ruins the chances for the real investigators who want to find out if a place is haunted or not. This message is for everyone but especially to you kiddies out there,(((((BE RESPECTFUL)))) and dont get your thrills from destroying the graves in cemeteries! AND if we see anyone destroying graves we will call cops . just think maybe your family is out there would u want someone to do that to your mothers grave site ??????                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The purpose of this organization is to increase the popularity of our common interests. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun while when we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will become even stronger.
Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

We are completely supported by you and the members. Many organizations have web sites, servers and Internet bandwidth donated by it's members. We pride ourselves on being run and owned as a community, and not by a few power-hungry members. This means that we need you to be a part of that community. We encourage every member to contribute to the community in any way that they can.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We encourage you to contact us.

You may reach us at:

Phone: (662) 255-5868  Call At Any Time 24/7 ..or E-mail @



If Your to far south i know a few teams south just give me a call and ill be more then happy to help you .....

.We do this free of charge. We may ask for help with gas if the location is far away But Thats about it