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North Mississippi After Life,

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Temperature  : If you're a women in midlife, we're not talking hot flashes here ! Often, spirit presence results in sudden and unexplanable temperature jumps up or down. Cold in particular is associated with the presence of a spirit. You might walk down a hallway and feel as though You've walked into a refrigerator. Less commonly, you might be sitting in your favorite chair when it feels like someone's cranked up the heat.

Smell  :    it could be that this scent still lingers in places the two of you frequented, such as your home or car. and sure, it could be that someone else is wearing the same fragrance or has a similar smell. but smell is a sense that activates the emotions and a memory,again creating validation. many times it is particular smell such as of brewing coffee or breath mints, unique to the person who has passed, that provides clues that the person's spirit is still present.

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. They are, simply put, unexplained voices that are captured on audio tape or digital recorders that were not heard by human ears at the time it was recorded. 

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